Charlotte Ruse letter Carver


Long-term Hackney inmate and mother of three boys, over-qualified and under-skilled, I've finally found my creative niche.

I've been letter carving since starting a course at Abney Park Cemetery in North London in 2008. I enjoy mixing urban art styles with the traditions of letter carving. Although I am happy carving conventional fonts, I most enjoy creating original pieces using broken remnants of stone or using slang in otherwise formal settings.

A great fan of comics and graphic novels, I like to see how an essentially throw-away art form can be set forever in stone. I've spent many an hour, sitting in my shed, creating visual puns that break traditional rules, with varying degrees of succes.

Having said that, some of my most satisfying commissions have been uncomplicated signage and memorials carved in beautiful Lake District slate and the letter carver's friend, Portland stone.

I have been accepting commissions since 2010.